My sister was set apart to be a missionary tonight. It was a rare treat to hear my mom's testimony, she was powerful.
When the Stake President asked Daina what was the best advice she had been given so far, I was very flattered she shared something I told her. I told her that before I embark on anything new, whether its a job, a degree, a calling, what have you, I always think to myself: You are going to suck at some things. You will be fabulous in other things. You will probably offend someone at some point, and disappoint someone. But you will also make friends. There will be really bad times, but overall things will be okay.
I really don't know why that is comforting to me, but it always helps me keep the correct perspective. I hope it helps her. I know she will be more fabulous with things than suck at them, because she's a wonderful woman...

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  1. Lovely. I'm going to take your advice, too, oh Wise Woman.