Heckedy Peg

No matter how you slice it, having a child in the hospital is a stressful situation, which makes it harder than usual to be patient with the antics of children under the age of 5. For me, at least. I am strained and exhausted, and the last thing I want to do late at night is spend half an hour searching for a lost doll. But I did, because it was important to Josephine.
What makes it sweet though, is that she adores that doll I sewed her for her birthday. Its her little pal. Tonight for bedtime I read to them for the first time Don and Audrey Wood's Heckedy Peg. This was one of my absolute favorites growing up, and I remember my own mother reading it to my siblings and me. I'll never forget watching Millie and Jo's face as I read it to them tonight. Amelia was entranced. Jo was a little fearful (Heckedy is scary!), but equally transfixed.

It might be the hardest job I've ever had, but being a mom is by far the best, and most rewarding, I've ever had.


  1. One of my favorites as a child too! It's one I have to read to all my students, it is scary but it's awesome!

  2. Yup. Hard and rewarding. It stays that way forever.