ministering of angels

Skipping church is not all that permissible in our household. But today just imagining any one of our kindly ward members asking me "When will your baby be able to come home?" or "How much time to you get to spend with her?" made me choke up. I really, really need to stay emotionally afloat, and I couldn't face church today.
However, I have felt the Spirit burning brightly within all day. There have been several times today when I felt the distinct impression that there were many pure and heartfelt prayers and fasts being offered for our little girl today. That she is being ministered to by angels. It has been a humbling and comforting experience, and I am amazed at the love we have felt.
In my scripture study for the last two months I have been listening to every talk ever recorded by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. This is the one I chose for tonight, and I couldn't believe how relevant it was to my experience today:
Give it a listen - it is a wonderful talk for hard times.

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  1. Beautiful! You don't need to be in church when you have a spirit so close from heaven! Such a lucky little girl to have such an amazing Mama and Daddy!!