The thinker, the shoe girl, and slapstick

 I thought it was high time we introduced our girls to one of the best movies ever made, the effervescent Singing in the Rain. We had a little family movie night and watched half of it after baths this evening. The girls' reactions were so them.
Josephine got hung up on why Cathy jumped out of a cake, and if that was her home (as Don Lockwood says), why she would break it. She also was very confused why someone so beautiful as Lina Lamont would be so rude to everybody (good teaching moment there).
I'm not kidding, in every scene Amelia's reaction was: "I want those shoes!" Every pair that Cathy wears, Millie wanted in her wardrobe. I also have to add here, she has never heard this from me. Its all her, the girl who goes to sleep wearing her sparkly yellow kitten heels. She wanted the dresses too, but mainly just the shoes. Millie is such a shoe girl, and she's only four!
Hazel just wanted to rewind to the part when Lina gets the pie in the face. Over. And over. And over again. She thought it was pretty hysterical.

Such a good flick.


  1. I just watched this movie last week, myself. I love your girls' different reactions to the show. I have to admit, Millie has good taste in shoes. I was admiring Debbie Reynolds's shoes with blue bows in the "Good Mornin'" number. Maybe Millie noticed those too: