Escapism: Europe

So my body has been trying really hard to bleed to death during the last week. It's more than a little ridiculous. Besides surgery, I'm having to take a small truckload of medication to try to fix things. It takes a lot to really flatten me, but I tell you what, I'm feeling beaten. Knocked the wind right out of my sails.
So I've been trying really hard to think of ways to improve my mental well being. Some good old fashioned escapism. What I really need is some art history, some culture, a big dose of Europe. I'm watching my favorite French films, trying out my French with the fabulous Dr. Gerday, placing orders for European fabric. But I'm sure there is more out there to fulfill my raging Euro-philia.
What are your suggestions? Great bands from the old world you love? Any French bakeries I've missed in Utah Valley? Your favorite film with subtitles? Any great travel blogs? What I really want is to sit in on an art history lecture. Any works of art you've discovered recently? Does anyone know how to watch the new season of Downton?

But for now, I'm just going to finish watching "Roman Holiday" and my coconut gelato, try to stop bleeding and stay sane, and try not to remember how much I desperately want to hold my two-month old...


  1. Oh, Audrey! She was the best.

  2. If you go to utahsweetsavings.com and search Downton Abbey you can find a link to the first two shows. I also just started watching Call the Midwife which is a BBC show about the midwives that served in poverty-stricken East London in the 1950s. It might not satisfy your Europe craving but it might entertain you.

  3. Shelley! If you haven't already, you need to go to Eliane's French Bakery...I went there a handful of times when we were at BYU and it was an absolute dream. I had to google to remember the name but it looks like it's still in business! Bon appetit and may you have a speedy recovery! http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g57093-d874715-Reviews-Eliane_s_French_Bakery-Orem_Utah.html

    Also, here is this to listen to while you eat! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R781LDKOVJE

  4. Yes! I know how to access all of the current episodes of the new season of Downton. I've been watching it here: