bright royal Greek Isle blue

"There's free food!" Every nurse would exclaim when I would decline the invitation to join 'Parent Hour.' I hated Parent Hour in the NICU, when the twins were there I went once, and with Eloise at Primary's I went once. Don't know if it's pride, anti-social behavior, or just introvertedness, but getting together with people to talk about your babies' problems is pas tres bien for me. Enjoying an excellent poem, raging out to a song in the car, or sewing are my best outlets, definitely not talking to people. However, last week in our terrible, traumatic, surprise Primary's stay, I had a conversation with a woman in the elevator that has stuck with me, and I wish I had gotten her number. 

Me: Ooo I love your dress...that blue looks like it came from the Greek Isles. 
Her: Thanks! This royal blue is my twelve-year-old's favorite color, so I thought I'd wear it to visit him today. I got it at the Sundance outlet, and thought I could pull it off. 
Me: You certainly do.
Her: Your baby is adorable. What is she here for?
Me: She has a lot of problems...just got discharged from the NICU after seven and a half months. 
Her: That's awful. My son has had lots of problems since he was born too...(After a pause) Things like this change you. It makes you fearless. 
Me: Yes it does. You can wear bright royal Greek Isle blue.
Her: Yep! And hey - I like your head scarf.

My head scarf? Also a bright royal Greek Isle blue.

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