For as much as I love foreign travel, metropolitan adventures, and sophisticated conversations, I do love domesticity. I love decorating a home, baking, taking walks, raising children. Making my space beautiful alleviates the mill of routine chores that threaten to envelope me whole. I like looking at a space and imagining possibilities. 
There are only two home decorating style books I adhere to with ferocity, Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic, and Cath Kidston's first decorating book, Tips for Vintage Style. My mother of course is a huge inspiration and decoration mentor. I keep bugging her to write her own book, Whimsy in the Garden, because seriously that lady has creativity to the fingertips. 
The whole shabby chic style is so liveable; white is my favorite color. Floral, clean, a little French, antiques. Delicious.
Of course my visions and my capabilities don't match up when I have four hooligans tugging at my apron. So I have to pick projects with my limitations in mind. These are what I did this weekend:
I made a house number...it's only been 3 years, right? Weather proofed the bunting, new mailbox. I came home from Paris full of new ideas for my house - color inspiration, space use, etc. - but the one thing that absolutely had to happen right away was flower boxes. America has too few flower boxes. Our lower-level windows have them now, but I'll wait to post a picture until they are all up. 
Wallpapered the fireplace. I used Target's "Devine Wallpaper," which is actually more like a wall decal with a sticky back. Yes, I have a thing for chandeliers. If I didn't have little girlies running around, I would place books in there too. Right now, the fireplace and chandy are playing host to a Palace Pets wedding, naturally.


  1. You are making me want Spring, your house looks so springy! Also you are giving me the decorating bug, did I tell you I want to do the girls room in a Norwiegen theme?i might even go crazy and paint their door :)

  2. So I love that my phone auto-corrected me and spelled Norwegian wrong :)