In my mind, this is how I get around:
What it actually looks like:
Where my soul is:
Or doing this:
What my reality feels like:
Or this:
All day, I feel like I am putting out little fires. Eloise's dirty diaper. Her food ran out. She needs J-tube care. She won't nap. Amelia wants to paint. Josephine wants me to hold her. Hazel is crying. The dog is barking. Amelia is hungry. Jo needs a specific toy that's been lost for months. No one seems to want to go to bed except me. 
It is madness here. It actually feels impossible to raise all these tiny young children. Some of the balls have to drop in this mad juggling act, and unfortunately, those balls are titled "Lady Mother's Sanity" and "Mom's Sleep" and "Shelley's Intellectual Pursuits.

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  1. I am sorry things are so hard! Maybe this could help combine the two (kids + art history)? We have this DVD at home but I found it on YouTube too - it's called Classical Baby, The Art Show. A half hour program with cute animations based on famous artwork, set to classical music. My kids love it. Maybe yours will like it too and let you catch a half hour nap!! Wish I could do more!