Turning on its head

This photo will make me laugh as long as I live. Both girls at the doc's for ear infections. Hazel is afraid of getting a shot, and Josephine, in full Audrey-Hepburn-Mode, crossed legs, studying medical charts. She has been obsessed with medical diagrams as long as I have known her. 
Remember the dolls I sewed last year for the girls' birthdays? They are still played with nearly everyday. Last night, the three girls were playing in their room before bedtime with their dolls. I listened, and heard things like, "Oh no, my little girl just threw up black blood. It's okay, I caught it in my hand, just need to clean it up." 
"My girl has a fever."
"My girl can't swallow, she needs a replogle tube." (Pogo-toof = replogle tube)
"Uh oh! My girl is turning purple! She needs albuterol."

My brother and his wife just had their adorably kiss-able baby boy. My girls have been ecstatic over him, and when on the phone with Uncle Cha Cha, Josephine had questions. "Does your baby have an esophagus? Can he swallow?"

All of this tends to make me depressed, because it is our reality. My girls are parroting everything they have heard me say. The first worry Jo had about her cousin was over his esophagus. It's all very sad. So I am trying to flip the situation on its head. For their birthday coming up, I am creating a medical trug just like Eloise's, but for their dolls. Complete with a medical doll book, courtesy of Walgreens $5 photo books...
They will absolutely love it. 


  1. Oh, the face.......! Hazel wears those emotions right out front.

    I love the doll trug idea.

    Now - one possible benefit to the reality/impact on your daughters is that they will never - NEVER - take a baby's good health for granted. You are raising them to show gratitude and appreciation, and they will apply those things to everyday life, as well as to gifts and beautiful things.