Six ballet slippers, three tutus, and a whole lotta energy. My girls started ballet lessons this week, and their teacher is fantastic. I am pretty sure they would go every day if they could. All three girls fell asleep in their leotards and slippers last night. When's the last time you were so excited to learn something new that you fell asleep wearing the gear?
There was another little family waiting for their dancer after class. The mother approached me, "So which one is yours?" I replied, "Oh, um, all the rest." Her eyes grew wide with disbelief. "But they all look so different!" Deep gene pool, I guess? Believe me, they are all mine, and yes, I have enough little girls close in age to constitute the majority of a dance class.

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  1. If it continues to be a good experience I may hit you up for the studio info. There is an actual possibility, a likelihood, that I will have a little girl in ballet in a couple of years. I can't get over it, still.