La Grande Fête

We are having a huge party to celebrate Eloise's first birthday. There's a lot to celebrate, this little baby has been through more pain and procedures than most people do over a lifetime. There was never a guarentee she would have a first birthday, so we feel like it is the best thing in the world to celebrate. 
We have been thinking about and planning this party since last December, and have been working hard to make our most exciting ideas come to fruition. We've worked hard on our lawn all spring to make it green and pristine through the summer. We've planted flowers, fertilized and weeded. The glamper is nearly ready!
St. Boheme, a 6-piece band playing French music, will be playing. We are the most excited for this!
Invitations will be sent out shortly, and I would love your address. Email me: shelley(dot)stargazer(at)gmail(dot)com. 

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  1. Can't wait! And I had fun catching up on the last two weeks of your blog just now after being out of town. Makes me happy :)