those boots

Amelia has asked me consistently for 6 months for a pair of cowgirl boots. When she laid eyes on Sally's, she turned up the volume. It's a good thing she has a Moogie who knows where to find pink, sparkly cowgirl boots. All three girls went, and Hazel found a pair that light up. She was hysterical to watch, stomping along the sidewalk bent halfway over to see her lights. Amelia chose what might be the most amazing boots ever created: pink leather, sequins, embroidered flowers, sparkly. This is what happens when I ask them to smile:
Now Josephine tried on boots. But after sampling a few, my mom turned to her and said, "You know Jo, I just don't think you like cowgirl boots." And she doesn't. Josephine is in no way a boots-wearing girl. She prefers black Mary Janes. Or her purple and blue heels. She came home with a blue bathing suit instead. 
I wonder what Eloise will prefer!

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