Happier times

Not too long ago, my days revolved around the question, "When can I go to the NICU and be with Eloise?" Along with many more questions, like "Will Eloise make it through this alright?" Or, "Will my other three girls be okay without me for another day and night?"

Now my days revolve around much, much happier and less weighty questions, like "What flowers would look best in my window boxes?"
Or, "How many marshmallows would look good on my ridiculously delicious chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting?"
"What would Hazel like painted on her face at the Children's Art Festival?"
"What should I order for my sister's twentieth birthday?" (Answer: seasonal mahi mahi with peach salsa. Oh my word.)
"Which was Amelia's favorite ride at the Art City Days fair?"
Not a bit of this summer has passed by unnoticed by me. It is delicious to my soul. My children are well, and I am so glad for it. 

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