optimal environment

On a drizzly December evening, after spending 12+ hours in the hospital with Eloise, I escaped to my favorite place in Salt Lake, The King's English. Trevor met me, and we walked across the street for some very late dinner at The Paris Bistro. It was when Eloise was nearly at the brink, when the doctors were saying things like 'We won't lose her.' The infection was nearing its almost lethal peak, and I had slept in the dismal cell under the LifeFlight landing pad. It may have even been my birthday, I don't remember.

The Paris Bistro was the perfect getaway, Trevor and I sat there for a long time, soaking in the ambience and music. I told him, "For Eloise's first birthday, next summer, we are going to have a huge party, and this band will play."

We are having this party, and invited those who helped us most. Doctors, nurses, ward members, neighbors, friends, family. It is our way of thanking the team of people who helped Eloise survive. We are so grateful for the expertise, love and generosity of those wonderful people. I have enjoyed the preparations, because it is meaningful for me. The band is coming to play. My sweet and talented cousin Katie sent these gorgeous hair clips:
She and her family live in Michigan, and can't come to the party. But wearing her clips will feel like she is there in spirit! Another dear cousin, Sally, created a beautiful collage to hang by the guest book. My mother spent hours with me painting and renovating the Glamper and planting my flower beds. Sally and my sister Daina helped me assemble plates, forks and spoons for the party.

Eloise's surgeon, the miraculous Dr. Downey, tells me nearly every time he sees Eloise and me that my little girl is in the "optimal environment." Remembering all the medical professionals who cared for Eloise, the ward members and neighbors who brought meals, my parents who were tireless, and even now those who have contributed to Eloise's party, I absolutely believe Dr. Downey.

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  1. Oh I so wish I could be there. I cannot wait to meet the lovely Eloise. Love you all.