The Wolf Children

Our family has watched 'The Wolf Children' probably once a week for a month. It is such an outstanding film, and (dare I say it?) inspirational.
I certainly identified with the main character, Hana, although I think she's more long-suffering than I am. The overwhelming responsibility of motherhood, the irritations, the feeling like you're making it up as you go, and even the grandeur.
My children love it because pretending to be wolf children allows them to play out both their wilder desires and also their more tender, 'human' sides. So when I presented them with wolf ears and tails I sewed out of felt, they were overjoyed. Josephine told me it was the best gift I'd ever given her, even better than Christmas. Wow! In fact, I gave the ears and tails to them on Monday morning, and besides bath time, Jo didn't take hers off until Thursday afternoon. You can't see the tails in these pictures, but if you really want a picture of them leave me a comment.
Give us a howl! 

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