out of the blue

There I was, minding my own business, perusing the apples at the grocery store. One of the sample ladies, with the hairnet and gloves behind her little sample table, nearly shouts at me: "Why?!" Startled, I replied, "Umm...why what?" She answered (rudely), "Why would you do that to your hair?"

I have been genuinely surprised at the negative attention my blue hair has attracted. I really didn't think in this day and age it would even be noticed...but then I remembered where I am living. In my mind, going blue isn't different than all the bottle-blondes in the Valley. Blue is just prettier. But wow - I have heard these remarks, to my face:
  • "Smurf"
  • "You look like a rebel"
  • "You belong at ComicCon"
  • "Its not pretty - its punk"
  • "It doesn't look like mermaid hair, more like you want attention."
For the first few days it bothered me. I was even considering changing it. But then I realized, screw them! I love it, and if they want to live in their narrow little world where yelling at the mom with the kids in the cart at the grocery store seems like a good idea, they carry their own punishments. 

Tonight I was on a jog with Samwise, and ran by that house. You know, that house around the corner. The one with not one, but several broken-down pick-ups? The one with not one, but several couches in the yard? Where I'm not sure if I've ever seen the same adults attached to the same children?
Anyway. Several of their children were riding bikes in the front yard, and asked me to stop and let them pet Samwise. Of course they can, and hey! Want to throw the ball a few times for him? They loved it, and Samwise enjoyed some shorter throws to chase. As I went trotting down the street, the oldest kid yelled to me, "HEY - your hair is awesome!" The little sister chimed in, "Yeah - your hair is cool!"



  1. Amen to the bottle blondes! I think it's awesome, and I love the variety of shades. When I first saw your post on it, I went on a pinterest splurge of purple hair (it's my favorite color, and the color for "crohn's awareness"). Maybe some day...

    If anyone else does what that lady did, "Why would you do that to your hair!!!" You should be like "what? OH MY GOSH WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?! AHHH!"

  2. Hmmm. I thought I posted a comment. But where did it go?

    Anyway! I love, love, love your hair. And I love that you totally went for it.

  3. WHY??? WHY do so many people feel like it is okay to judge? Especially when it is just.....HAIR? I mean, some tattoos and piercings (not all) leave me feeling a little queasy, but I don't feel the need to tell the wearer that. :(

  4. I was actually telling Sally I think you'd be cute in a pixie cut... Blue pixies are very trendy, not that you should care about trends :). But yes, you'd pull off a blue pixie very well.