prepare for take-off

It would seem self evident to say Eloise takes a lot of my day. The other three girls are getting really good at keeping themselves occupied while I'm working with her. Coming down the stairs from Eloise's room this morning, I found the girls doing this:
My phone ran out of memory and cut this short, but they were going to Paris, to eat food and paint. I told them those were mighty fine aims for a visit to Paris. The rest of the day we focused on international travel. We were all taken with this YouTube channel:
Later in the day I showed them my Semester at Sea passport, and all the very cool stamps from all over the world. We made passports for each girl, and we stamped it up.
We packed backpacks (pieces of cake, stuffies, and books were necessities). The girls went to Africa, the arctic, and Paris. Quite a day.

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