Throwback Thursday!

I can hardly believe I am doing something on my blog as trendy as Throwback Thursday. But I love seeing what other people post, so here is one for you!
All three years of high school, French Club. Bien sur!
It feels like I was president of the French Club for all three years? I don't know. But I sure made those other members suffer a thousand showings of Cyrano de Bergerac. Anyone remember this post three years ago?
Okay, please revel in the high school awesome-ness of those quotes.

I have been obsessed with France and all things French since I can remember. Now my daughter, Jo, she has a genuine passion for India. She dressed herself in her sari for school, and then found the brooch in the costume jewelry and thought, Hey! A perfect headpiece.
I asked her if she was SURE she wanted to wear this to school. On the slides? On the floor? Yes. And she did. She wore it until bed time.
I can't wait to see where her obsession brings her. 

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  1. Is she still into monkeys? What a dream for her to possibly travel to India one day and experience the culture and visit the jungles. :)