What happens this Sunday? I turn 30, which is both strange and a little sad for me. Internally I feel much older, like I've lived two lifetimes. I am also sad that my 20's didn't include more fun. I certainly accomplished a lot - I got married, finished college and graduate school, and had four (four!) children.

Leave it to Primary Children's Medical Center to give one perspective. I suppose not if you're a medical professional, but if you're a mother, there isn't a harder place to be. At this time last week, around 11 PM, Eloise was finally sleeping soundly enough for me to slip out and eat something. I love food, so naturally eating in the cafeteria at Primary's is a disappointing experience. I vowed never to eat there again once Eloise was discharged last March, but what could I do at 11 PM, shaky and exhausted and alone?

So it was just me and two construction workers in the cafeteria, under those flickering halogen lights, eating icky food, with that same aged Chinese check-out lady who I've never gotten to smile even once for me in all the times I've been there. Inexplicably someone had placed a karaoke machine in the corner of the cafeteria, and it was blazing Elvis's 'Blue Christmas.'

I started laughing, and couldn't stop. That specific moment in space and time had to be the most depressing scene I could conjure! Eating bad food, alone, in a place I hate, after a grueling day caring for my recovering child, with 'Blue Christmas' blazing at 11 PM. You can't make up stuff like that! How horrid!

So here's to my next decade - it has to beat my last one! I am due for some adventure...If I could, this is where I would be celebrating:
That would be a listing I found on Air B&B in Marrakech, Morocco. I would be wandering the streets of the market, discovering exotic spices, hearing dozens of foreign languages, marveling at the architecture, exulting in textiles, and just maybe find time to read in this quiet courtyard, after a swim!


  1. Happy birthday, Sweetheart. We're all proud of you.

  2. I hope you had a great birthday, Shelley! Here's to a new decade of your life. I hope it is filled with lots of adventures and travels.