Merry Christmas and the Sun Egg

Have you ever read this children's book?
My girls adore this book, and so do I! The illustrations are charming, the story is sweet, and it never fails to fire my girls' imagination. Inevitably, the girls pretend to be tiny woodland elves for hours after we read it.
So I had an idea to sew the girls their own Sun Egg dolls. All Hazel asked for Christmas in her letter to Santa was a baby green Toothless dragon, like in the movie 'How to Train Your Dragon.' Of course no such thing exists, so I decided  the woodland elves should have dragons as their pets, and a magical landscape was needed. Merry Christmas, Josephine, Amelia, Hazel, and Eloise!
Hazel's green baby toothless and Sun Egg doll!
Amelia's doll, in the candy forest. 
Josephine's doll and dragon, near the river. Yes, those are play fish. Dragons like nothing better to eat then fish! And seriously, sewing sequined fabric onto felt is no easy task!
I finished Eloise's doll, but I hate the way the hair turned out. I'm going to redo it, and then I'll post pictures of hers :-)


  1. I would love to be one of your little girls! Merry Christmas.

  2. These are stunning little works of ART!!! That can be PLAYED WITH!!!!!

    Wow...You are one super-talented chicky.