I live half an hour drive's away from a decent cheese selection, which means I only get to go occasionally. So if I know I can get there, I plan an entire week's menu around cheese.
Tonight's fare: mussels with a white wine and crème fraîche sauce, with onions and mushrooms, and a sweet salad with stilton with blueberries. The mussels tasted so good, I'm not making this up, Eloise chewed and swallowed two. Yay baby!
Tomorrow I am making a winter salad with beets, parsnips, and a turnip, sautéed, with a goat cheese mousse, with baguette and brie. Next night, fancy macaroni and cheese with gruyère.

And bonus random photo! My girls call me Ninja Mama when I go running these days; I don't know why.  

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  1. I loved every thing about this post. Carry on, Shelley.