Projectors - they are great!

Two to four PM everyday is time to do homework at our house. The twins are only in kindergarten, but already they are required to meet state standards, which mandate a certain number of memorized sight words. This is boring work, no matter who you are! But a couple ideas have helped tremendously, and definitely worth sharing.

Admit it, just seeing an overhead projector makes you want to pull out your calculator and work on some algebra, right? I instantly hear Mr. Macomb's voice in my head, "Now, these aren't your Mickey Mouse fractions..."
But the possibilities are endless. I picked up two overhead projectors from a retired math professor, and I printed out the girls' sight words onto transparencies. We play all sorts of memorizing games, and it helps Josephine an awful lot!
Afterward the girls can play with the projectors. My dearest friend Holly gave us Le Petit Prince shadow puppets for Christmas, score! We've found more shadow puppets, and they really spark the kids' imagination. This is how I store them, which is perfect:


  1. This FANTASTIC. Making the learning part a little fun is huge.