For all the folks...

...who so glibbly say to me, "Enjoy this time - it goes by fast," I want them to read this post, which sums up the last 24 hours:

  • I spent $150 just on medical copays.
  • I've had most every kind of bodily fluid on my person today including blood and intestinal juices, and none of it was mine. This is why when I go shopping, I can only buy clothes that blood and intestinal juices will wash out.
  • My phone conversation with the ENT nurse today:
    • ENT: "Hazel's allergy tests came back today. She is allergic to cats, dogs, apples and oats. She is the most allergic to dogs, in fact she is very allergic to dogs."
    • Me: ................*horrified silence*..............."Hazel is allergic.......to dogs? Are you sure?"
    • ENT: "She is very allergic to dogs."
    • Me: "But...I mean...we have a dog, and....I love dogs."
    • ENT: "I hate giving people that news; some people are really attached to their pets."
That means the end of this beloved Pinterest board of mine.