...being Eloise's mother can feel like a Scott Sterling experience.

It takes some mental preparation for me whenever Eloise enters the hospital. She knows that as long as Mama is holding her, nothing hurts. Its when I back away from the bed, or l leave her with the nurses, that things get scary for her. Therefore I can't leave her without the possibility of blue spells. It makes for hungry, back-achingly long days curled up with her in the hospital bed.

A J-tube removal isn't a totally routine procedure, and I planned to be in the hospital for three days, but everything went so well she came home today! What's the opposite of being cramped in a hospital bed, with a scared little girl? A content little girl at home, sleeping in her crib, and a mom practicing yoga...


  1. What a relief!! For all of you. So glad you can all be at home.

  2. So glad it went so well.

    I've been meaning to share this with you, just so you know it's there. I post it on facebook weekly but know you're not on there. Here's the blog I'm keeping to track the pregnancy/hyperemsis. http://davisjunebug.blogspot.com/

  3. Sally Priest2/11/15, 9:30 AM

    YAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!! (shhhhhhhhhh I'm not entirely sure if being on here is allowed, but I'm doing it anyway)