I don't know why, but every time I see this trailer, I get teary-eyed and uncharacteristically emotional.

Maybe because Cinderella has been Hazel's favorite since she could distinguish between the princesses, and she is blessed with the exact same hair as the Cinderella in the movie. It might be because I believe courage and kindness are pretty much the most important virtues. It could be because my interior decorating style in my house is a boiled down French Rococo, complete with 18th century textiles from a flea market in Paris. It could be because my best friend has loved Cinderella since she was little, and I can't see Cinderella without thinking of her. Or maybe its because I love Lady Rose MacClare and Rob Stark and Lucy Honeychurch. And because I can't resist the idea of layers of glorious blue and purple silk paired with Swarovski crystal slippers.

Or maybe I know exactly why the trailer makes me tear up.

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