I have big plans for the garden this year, and thanks to an unusual, warm Equatorial weather pattern bathing Utah in sunny days and higher temperatures, it feels downright neglectful not to be doing some yard work preparation. But work this morning was halted because of this:
That would be Eloise's sad looking tummy. Earlier in the morning while her extension tubing was still on, somehow it was stepped on or yanked and ripped some of the tissue around the site. Poor baby bled all around her G-tube button. We cleaned her up, and brought her outside. She was happily playing until suddenly she was not. When G-tube buttons get old, the cap can flip off easily, and stomach acid and bile and whatever else is in her stomach leaks out. Because all the skin on her torso is super-sensitive due to constantly having Mefix tape placed and removed, her pores bled. I've never seen that before. Under her onesie she was covered in acidic stomach content and bile and blood, which inflamed the sliced part around the button, and irritated all her skin. 
It took about an hour to bathe, clean and dress the wound, soothe her skin and stop the bleeding, and calm Eloise. As if it were choreographed, the minute I was finally able to put Eloise down again, the mail lady delivered a letter from the State, asking for more documentation about Eloise. I know governments can only function with half a ton of paperwork, but I had spent a cumulative 6 hours last week doing just paperwork for the State about my baby. 
I wanted to send the letter back with only the above picture in the envelope. Maybe with a snarky note, "Is that proof enough for you?! I am not making this up!"

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