lousy day

Nothing makes me want to wear a "Hilary 2016" t-shirt more than going to Thanksgiving Point in the middle of the day in the middle of the week with my four littles. Its brimming with passive aggressive, well dressed, highlighted hair, stroller-pushing moms. That is not a judgement - its an provable scientific fact. And they all come in massive group play dates. My children had a wonderful time riding the ponies, seeing the farm animals, and learning about seeds, while I was surrounded by women having one of only three discussions: gossip, planned expensive vacations, or Facebook. Again, not a judgement, an observation of a culture over a 3 hour period in uncomfortably close proximity.
Its hard living in Utah sometimes.
Then the fella giving us our Culver's order said, "I hope that ice cream is for you, because all you moms need a treat." All you moms?
Later today, my well-intentioned visiting teacher stopped by, and when I off-handedly mentioned how much I missed working at the art museum, she said, "Well, maybe you will be able to volunteer again someday." It doesn't matter how you say that, its patronizing.
Then a door-to-door salesman knocked on my door. As usual, I open the door and my children escape out the sides, and start riding bicycles. The guy said, "Hi, I'm Brinton. Wow - you've got a lot of kids. Look at all the toys everywhere. So I noticed outside your house here that the rain gutter is not attached to the roof anymore, and the roof tiles need replacing. My company can do that for you!"
What? Why does a stranger think he can knock on my door, remark on my posterity, and point out flaws on my house? Get outta here, man!
AND THEN, I get another disappointing email from the kindergarten teacher. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she dislikes me. Like, a lot.


After I read to my girls for bed, Josephine gave me a huge hug and kiss and out of nowhere said, "Mom, you did great with everything today. You are the best mom in the whole world." Hazel piped in, "You are the BESTEST mom in the GALAXY." Now if that wouldn't bring tears to your eyes, you're one hard-hearted Sue! How could my day be too terrible with an ending like that?

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