Ramen was said to be one of the most overdone food trends of 2014. But like most trends, Utah is 3-5 years behind, and we didn't catch the Ramen wave. I also have a special affinity to Ramen, growing up in Hawaii. Sure Ramen is sold internationally, but not unlike the favorite Hawaiian canned meat Spam, Ramen is different in Hawaii. 
Tonight I made homemade Ramen. I made the noodles, and the Hodashi granules added some deliciousness. 
But if I'm honest, it did not taste like Ramen. It tasted like a really yummy Japanese soup. It's like mac & cheese, homemade macaroni and cheese is an uncontested winner, but sometimes you just crave the boxed Kraft kind. 
Conclusion: next time I'm craving Ramen, I'm just gonna pull out the box.


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