I'm not sure why, but I always thought my children would have entirely different interests and passions than I do, so when they are the same I am surprised. For the last four months, Josephine has been positively obsessed with harp seals and selkies. It has been an out-of-body experience for me; its like watching a copy of myself as a kid. I was a tad older than Jo, but I went through an all-encompassing selkies and seals phase. Seeing this slight, brown-haired, blue-eyed girl say things like, "If I could just get to Ireland and swim in the Irish Sea, I KNOW I would be a real selkie," is completely bizarre because I probably said the precise same thing at some point. I must have watched The Secret of Roan Inish a hundred times growing up.

So when this movie was in production, Trevor and Jo watched the trailer every night for weeks:
And when Song of the Sea came to Broadway Cinemas in Salt Lake last March, Josephine and I made a special mother-daughter date to see it. It was a magical experience, and one I think Jo may remember forever. We talked about Irish selkies, fairy tales and seals the whole drive to Salt Lake. The movie is a work of art and beautiful in every way. Jo sat on my lap and we snuggled, ate M&Ms and popcorn, and reveled in the film. We loved the movie, and it was special because we had such a lovely time together.
So of course when the DVD was delivered to our door, an 'evening of some significance' was in store. I wanted to sew Saoirse dolls for each of the girls, and asked Trevor to help me draft a pattern. I had two days to finish them before we were having the movie party, but the missed sleep was oh-so worth it. The girls would all want different colors I knew, so we had a green, blue and pink doll, and naturally the white one was was for Jo, because it had to be exactly like Saoirse:
They were so surprised and overjoyed in a way only young children can be. That was the middle of March, and there hasn't been a day since the girls haven't played with their selkie dolls, and we must have already watched the movie a hundred times!

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  1. I stumbled on this post while desperately trying to find a Saoirse doll for my youngest. She is obsessed with the movie and I have tried in vain to find a doll for her. Yours look easy enough that I just might be able to make one for her myself. Thank you for the inspiration!