Yoga Studio: Stage Two

Trevor dug freakishly-perfect circular holes, and he and my dad poured cement. Brackets were placed, and 4x4's were placed perfectly evenly in place to lay the studio's framework. I tell you what, both my husband and my father would have made some fantastic construction designers!
Dowel placement exactly like the construction of the Tabernacle in Salt Lake City!
My cute little Millie, who helped me paint sealant onto the boards. 
Being a woman of small means, my mom and I went in search of any inexpensive remnant Trex from the dealer. It was my job today to make all those mismatched boards into something Yoga-Bohemian-Beautiful. With a few blood blisters, a sore back, and a disgruntled Eloise, this is the result:
I placed and cleaned the boards. When you have to make something beautiful out of a series of rectangles of assorted sizes, who should you turn to for inspiration? Why, Piet Mondrian of course!
Next step is to screw all the trex in place!

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