17 stitches and MM

Amelia blew my socks off. Without any sedation, she held still for 2 shots in her lip, and 17 stitches. She told me she was "brave like Joan of Arc." That's my girl! When all was done, I told her she could pick a toy from the Disney Store for being so brave. She chose 3 small stuffies from the new movie 'Inside Out,' one for her, Josephine and Hazel.
Later that evening, Eloise had a blue spell, not because she was in pain or scared or had difficulty breathing, but from a classic terrible-twos-tantrum. What could possibly make her so angry? She didn't get a stuffy like her sisters...oh my.
I told the children today we had to make another trip to the Disney Store so Eloise could choose her own Inside Out stuffy. I brought her to the stand, and handed her one of the dolls. She tossed it overboard, and wriggled out of her stroller. She knew what she wanted:
Eloise loves, adores, cherishes Mickey Mouse. Her look clearly said, "I'll take two, please!" I heard Tom Hardy's voice in my head, "You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." I convinced her that perhaps a stuffed Mickey to fit in her hand was more her size. 

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