It has happened...

...I have surrendered to summer. After 5 weeks of trying to keep a good bedtime schedule and doing some math work, reading and writing every afternoon, I've given up. My children have gone nearly completely feral.
But here's the thing - there are only so many summers of childhood. Only so many summers when irrigation ditches are THE COOLEST way to spend a sunny afternoon. Only so many summers when fairies live in the hazelnut bush. Only so many summers of popsicles, splash pads, sunburns, sparklers. In short, there are a limited number of summers of complete freedom. They don't have to worry about making their own lunches, or budgets, or bedtimes.

In the end I guess I don't care if they are 'behind' in kindergarten, or if they are getting totally balanced meals, or even if I know exactly where they are every minute of the day. I have let go, and it feels perfect.

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  1. I would have loved to have been a kid with you.