Try something new fearlessly!

I have been practicing yoga for about a year now, nearly everyday. I've worked hard at it, and gave my all to about 60 classes taught by the fabulous Jen Liddiard. Yoga is here to stay for me, and I've been reflecting on the changes I've noticed because of this great new part of my life!
  • My feet are bigger. I'm not kidding, my feet are a size bigger than they were a year ago. They have so much more muscle. Its all those down-to-up dogs and chaturangas! Its made my feet thicker from the balls of my feet through the arches.  
  • Not all instructors are created equal. I've now practiced yoga everywhere in Utah Valley at least once, and even driven an hour away to try antigravity yoga. I've also followed several prominent teachers on YouTube, and on cable. I only have two favorites, Jen at Explosive Fitness here in Springville (how lucky we are to have a gem like her in town!), and Lesley Fightmaster on YouTube.
  • I wish I could wear yoga clothes all the time. Not only because they are the single most comfortable clothing in the history of womens wear, but because I love the way I feel practicing yoga. 
  • But I'm over Lululemon. Its just not worth the big bucks. My favorite yoga clothing brand is Teeki, and of course anything sold at Anthropologie.
  • My yoga studio. I now have a 12' x 12' outdoor yoga studio. Its lovely, and my favorite way to practice yoga is late in the evening, after the kids are in bed, and I can hear the crickets. 
  • Doing a real headstand is a real desire. I want to do a headstand so badly. I did it once perfectly, but fell hard. So hard I had a terrible headache for the next 12 hours. I'm trying not to let it stop me from trying again, but with a screechy toddler around the house, headaches are a guarantee for an cranky mama. 
  • My favorite daydream is to escape on a yoga retreat. But it feels so self indulgent I don't think I ever will!
  • I'm opening a yoga Etsy shop. I feel alright writing about it because I'm hoping to open the shop in September. When I started yoga, I wanted to find a more convenient way to haul around my mat. I never bought a yoga bag because they reminded me of trying to stuff my sleeping bag into the zipper bag at girls camp. Frustrating! In the spirit of trying new things fearlessly, I designed my very own yoga mat carrier. Its pretty brilliant, if I say so myself. Several are sewn and need to be printed, and I'm hoping to sew one bag a day this week. Trevor and I tested the woodblock design he made last night, and we are delighted with the result. I am so thrilled with this whole idea, and of course I'll post when I get the site up and running! For now, here's a sneak peak:

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