For the Record

I am mostly writing this post for myself or my kids some day down the road. I'm sure I'll wonder how the heck I had the energy to do all this, because I wonder that now. Today was a good, typical day, with nothing special in it. But I feel like its worth recording.

7:00 - Breakfast, preparing the twins for kindergarten.
8:00 - Trevor takes the twins to school, and I prepare Hazel for preschool, and remove Eloise's feeding tube. Eloise refuses 3 outfits I pick out for her. I get myself ready and dressed for the day.
9:00 - Take Hazel to school, Eloise throws a tantrum. 
9:30 - I visit my sister and parents, and Eloise finally perks up when she gets to play piano with her Papa. We all watch the new Star Wars trailer, and Daina squeals with delight!
10:30 - Come home, replace Eloise's feeding tube, prepare her feeding bag, change her diaper 3 times, and then make lunch.
11:45 - Hazel went on a field trip to a pumpkin patch in Santaquin, and they return 15 minutes late. While I help Hazel's teacher remove her car seat from the car, Eloise makes a dash for the road. She makes it 3 steps into Main Street before I snatch her from certain death. I think about all the times I have saved Eloise from certain death, and become angry that she put herself in danger ON PURPOSE. 
12:15 - Drive to Provo to fetch the twins. I listen to a history lecture on Chaucer's London in one earbud, and am transported to London in my mind. I pass my Welsh professor on the road, driving a snazzy green scooter, white hair flying in the wind, and I feel that familiar pang of missing college.
1:00 - Feed the kids a snack, do the dishes, change the laundry, change some diapers. Eloise throws another tantrum, and I put her down for a nap. Then its homework time, I make them another snack and we read Happy Birthday, Cupcake! by Terry Border, which inspires the girls to make apple people:
Then we work on some math and correctly spelling their own names. I start a loaf of brown bread.
2:00 - The girls get iPad time, and I get a 20 minute nap. Millie gets me up because she has gone outside.
3:00 - Suddenly all the neighborhood children are at my house, 9 total. The girls spot a vacant bird nest in our hazelnut bush, and I pull the ladder out to bring it down. We have a mini science lesson, and try to learn all we can about the nest. What is it made of? How could a bird make this? How many eggs do we think were in it? How many different materials did the bird find?
I am reminded of Anne of Green Gables when she teaches the country school, and wish I were wearing a flowy Edwardian gown. 
Then I work on the girls' Halloween costumes - gluing antlers to headbands. Its way harder than it seems it should be.
4:00 - Eloise wants to play in the front yard, so I plant myself on the front step and read Rachel Khoo's newest book, Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook, while I keep an eye on her, making sure she doesn't make another mad dash for a busy street. Which she does. But this time it only took a loud, sharp "ELOISE!" from me, and she stopped. Thank goodness. 
I go crazy over the dress Rachel Khoo is wearing on the cover. I find out its from Mrs. Pomeranz, a British clothing line. Its far too expensive and too short for me to have, so I think about how I could sew one for myself. The problem is I've never seen fabric like that, outside the fashion district in LA...which makes me want to go to LA to search for some.
5:00 - Eloise throws another tantrum, and she gets put in time-out. The amount of noise, chatter and commotion in my house from all these mad children makes me wish I was in time-out. I make dinner, and listen to NPR. Trevor comes home. I send the children home, despite one begging me for some of the bread out of the oven. My children wash up, and eat loads of food.
6:00 - Clean up from dinner, clean the living room, and bath time.
7:00 - Trevor gives me a break, and I sit down to write this post. Next I'm going to go for a run, probably about 1.5 miles, and practice some yoga. Then I'll tuck in the kids, do some more laundry, maybe read for a minute, probably watch the Daily Show with Trevor Noah or Oprah Winfrey's next installment of 'Belief,' and go to sleep. I will sleep like someone hit me over the head with a club.

Tomorrow already holds some happy things - because the Halloween costumes are drying all over the kitchen counters, I clearly can't make breakfast. Did I say pumpkin doughnuts from Daylight Doughnuts?! You better believe it. 

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  1. I'm in awe. And also I need a nap after reading about your day. xoxox