Time to Eat

There has never been a better time to eat on earth. In the whole history of humankind, food has never been better. When I go to the market, sometimes I want to shake the person next to me and shout, "Do you see all this food! Its all here! Right here for us!"
So many chefs and food writers these days have this forlorn tone for the food of days past. Like we have lost food purity, and all we have now to eat is manufactured toxins. Its absurd. Even a Roman banquet for an emperor doesn't compare to the quantity and variety as our local grocer.
I understand vegetarianism, but veganism seems silly to me. I read this recipe yesterday that proudly touted itself a Vegan Recipe. It called for clarified butter, as if clarified butter were anything other than an animal product. Do you know what clarified butter is, Vegan? Its butter. And butter is the best thing on the earth. The Paleo Diet cracks me up too, because an actual Paleolithic menu would read something like this:
Appetizer - Mashed Root Vegetables Mixed with Water
Main Course - Raw Mammoth Heart
Dessert - *umm...sorry, not yet invented*
I wish people would just quit bemoaning the state of our food. We should absolutely be celebrating it. Choose any human being from any time past and ask, "How do you feel about the food situation now?" I think they would just ask you to pass the butter.


  1. I told my son I'd support his vegetarianism, but that if he went vegan on me, he'd have to find a new mother.