Notes on the 2015 Halloween Season

  • Sewing with faux fur is a beast. A beast that wants to eat my sewing machine. 
  • I bought Hazel some Halloween cereal, because it turns your milk green. I thought the cereal itself would be green. Oh no, it's orange. Just the milk turns green...umm, yuck! 
  • Halloween doesn't even try for subtlety. Its garish, orange, over-produced and unappealing. Which, after writing, I realize could also describe the Republican front runner. But that is beside the point.
  • I don't know why it should bother me, but I don't like to see places that are so self conscious they create "selfie spots." Like at the pumpkin patch. They don't even try to make it anything other than, "Hey! Take your picture here and flaunt it! And like us on Facebook!" Uh, no thanks!
  • My Hazel is terrified of mummies. I thought if I showed her photographs of actual Egyptian mummies in museums she would see that they don't walk or move at all. Oh that was a bad idea. It just cemented in her mind that mummies are, in fact, real. A lot of good night prayers with her end with, "And please help me not to think about mummies." It doesn't matter how much I stress the point that they are not something to be afraid of because they can't move, she is still terrified.
  • We spent 2 1/2 hours at the pumpkin patch today, amidst throngs of children. There were easily 100 kids in the corn pit. My children were having the time of their lives. I struggle because I really hate that kind of thing. So much noise, chaos, and I get so mind-numbingly bored watching "Mom! Watch! I can jump in the corn!" for the fifteenth time. I try to tell myself, "This is fun! I must be present in the moment. Enjoy this time with the kids." But the end of these kinds of affairs are always the same: the kids are tired, dirty, sweaty, hungry, and I have a roaring headache. But this is fun! 

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  1. I'm getting caught up on your blog. :D Shelley, I really STRUGGLED with those "fun" things when my kids were little. A ray of hope: Yesterday, I was running an errand for one of the teens. Getting something they needed entailed a trip to the mall, which I avoid doing at some cost. In the midst of it, (I was successful, by the way), I realized that I was having FUN. I don't know what changed, or when, but I was enjoying it . (That was temporary, though. When another kid was throwing parenting stress my way later that evening, I was no longer enjoying it.) You're doing GREAT.