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Upon analyzing the twin's end of year test scores last year, our kindergarten teacher and I decided repeating kindergarten would be a good thing for them. A mixture of their premature birth and the stress of Eloise's first two years on the family equates to needing another year of kindergarten. Its been a fantastic solution for a lot of things, the only downside was that we had to give up their spots in the French language immersion program. But Madame Bois, the kindergarten teachers and I talked about letting them stay for 45 minutes of French. That was great for the first month of school until the principal put an end to it, because it appeared the twins were getting an unfair advantage *sigh*.
So, just because their formal French education starts next year, doesn't mean we can't do some informal French at home. The girls love it, and they are always asking me "How do you say ______ in French?" These questions shine a glaring light on my weak vocabulary, however, most of them I never knew even when I was in 300 level courses in university French. I've started recording the most unusual words they've wanted translated:

  • jelly beans = jelly beans
  • shrew = musaraigne 
  • dolphin = dauphin (okay, which I thought was the title to the male heir of the French throne> Are they one and the same? And how did that etymology come about?!)
  • vampire = vampire
  • fennec fox = I know fox = renard, but what's a fennec fox? I still don't know. 
What I wouldn't have done for Siri's help in those 300 level courses!

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