I think after all those months in the sterile NICU, and the dozens of cold OR trips after, I am craving life and magic, and apparently I am turning our house into a magical forest. Because I came home with another animal earlier this week. 
My birthday is coming up, and I wanted another bird. So the girls and I went to Jay's Jungle in Provo, and I was busy looking at their parakeets when I noticed all the girls were gone. "OH MY GOSH MOM LOOK AT HIM!!!!" Under three cages of brown bunnies, was a single, white ferret. The pet shop lady told me, "His sister was sold last week, and he has been heartbroken ever since. He keeps looking for her."
What else was I going to do?! If anything, we are a household of sisters! Naturally, we brought him home. 
Honestly, he has been so much fun. I was afraid of two things. First, that he would bite the girls. So far, no one has been bitten. They have been pretty rough with him, but he has been extremely sweet through it all! He's a jolly, curious little fellow. I am working on litter training, and he's pretty smart and getting the concept.
The second thing I was worried about was  Samwise's reaction. I can't say Sam is a fan, but he tolerates the ferret, and I think with more time they may be friends, maybe. But I won't be leaving the house with them out together soon!
I need to get the ferret a collar with a bell, because he loves to grab small shiny things and hide them. It's so funny, but I have to keep the car keys up and out of reach!
Since he was technically my birthday present, I got to choose the name. My first thought was King Arthur, then I thought of Arthur Clennam from Little Dorrit, and then I thought of Arthur Weasley. Ta da! Welcome home, Arthur!

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