Star Wars Awakens

This year, Christmas came early for Trevor, in the form of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens.' He hasn't stopped talking about it for weeks. He knew all the character names before we even saw the movie, most of the plot line, and I've even been treated to Jar Jar Binks - Sith Lord conspiracy theories. I have been looking forward to the movie also, but I haven't been excited. At least, not compared to Trevor. As we sat in the theater last night and those famous yellow title letters came scrolling across the giant screen, I realized why.

Star Wars for me is Saturday mornings watching the original three on VHS with my brothers on the sofa. Its searching thrift stores for the original Kenner action figures for Ben's collection. Its hanging out with my brothers while they play Star Wars nintendo games. Or listening to the radio dramas as we fall asleep on a road trip. Essentially, Star Wars equals good times with my siblings.

I was so happy to be with three of my siblings last night cheering on the new Star Wars. I miss my brother Ben, several states away. I lucked out with my brothers and sister. It won't get any easier for all of us to be in the same place in years to come. But I'll tell you one thing, Rey is the jedi I want my own girls to watch together on Saturday mornings!

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