here's to the light

This post should naturally be about my trip to England three months ago. In my experience, people write about their trips on blogs for three reasons:
1. To record what happened so they don't forget
2. To share their pictures with family and friends
3. Because they learned something that needs to be expressed
I don't feel the need to do any of those things, because I know I won't forget anything that happened. We had a marvelous trip, and I loved every single minute.

What I want to write about is what happened last weekend. We took my parent's Airstream to Green River with the kids, with the plan to let them play on the river bank, and visit Goblin Valley the next morning. When we arrived at the chilly banks of Green River and let the kids out, they all immediately ran into the water. It was cold, so they stayed where it was only about a foot deep. I was following Eloise as she explored, when she suddenly turned and headed toward the deeper part of the river. There was an invisible shelf that dropped off to a deep, quick current. She fell face first into the water, and the current was quickly sweeping her away. I was only a few feet away from her, and was able to keep one foot on the shallow bank and lunged into the neck-deep water and snagged Eloise. She came up spluttering, but no harm done.
The grown-ups were aflutter. "She could have drowned!" A stranger even approached me, soggy and tired on the bank consoling a crying Eloise, and told me what a heroic save that was.

Here's the thing. It didn't even make my adrenaline flow. It didn't make my heart race. It was not a big deal. This child has been so much closer to death, and I've pulled her back from the precipice so many times now. I smiled and thanked the woman graciously, but inside was I thinking, That is probably the fourteenth or fifteenth time I've saved this girl's life.

In my darker moments, I wonder what it is all for. In all likelihood, she is going to grow up, marry a Mormon boy, become a mother, and lead a normal life. In my lighter moments, I am encouraged by all she has yet to experience - making new friends, riding a bike, warm baguettes, sunny summer afternoons. She gets to read Harry Potter for the first time, go to Disneyland, grow and play with her wonderful sisters. She'll fall in love, magical moonlight kisses, learn what it means to love selflessly. There are so many marvelous parts of this world I wouldn't want her to miss. So here's to the light.


  1. This just warmed my heart today. Thanks. I needed a bit of "light" reminding. :)

  2. Yes. Here's to the light. And to you.