I have had to compose a list of ways to cope with Trump-itus. Everywhere seems to be infected with it. I've been timing how long I can listen to NPR before his name is mentioned. It's usually less that 10 minutes! Any news related to him gives me an involuntary visceral reaction; my stomach twists and my chest does this muscle tensing thing that I'm sure is bad for my health. None of it is good, and therefore, I present my list of "Ways to Survive Election Season":
  1. Radio Silence Weekend. Starting Friday night, I do not listen to the radio, watch or read the news. Complete radio silence. This is really effective, because it gives me enough of a break to face Monday again. 
  2. Watch political satires. Laughing at the situation relieves tension. Stephen Colbert is always  favorite.  
  3. Get involved with refugee efforts. Give to charity, give your time, get involved with things like World Refugee Day. Not only will you feel a little less stress about the anti-immigrant nonsense coming from the Trump carnival, you will meet interesting people from all around the world who probably feel like you do.
  4. Yoga. Of course I believe yoga could solve huge amounts of the world's problems, and I can attest to its personal healing capabilities. I am almost certain Donald Trump could not practice yoga - not just the bendy parts, but the quiet meditation. He doesn't strike me as someone capable of much self reflection or quiet pondering. 
  5. Indulge in some Trudeau-gazing. Good grief that man. 
  6. Watch foreign films. They provide a mini escape from American politics. And you can be sure Donald Trump hasn't seen it. 
  7. Enjoy summer! Enjoy summertime like there is no election in the fall! Spend time outside in the garden, leave your windows open at night to hear the crickets. 
  8. Watch this a few times:
  9. I hope this list is helpful to you, because no kidding, we are in this together.  

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  1. Yup. Tyler and I are finding the best thing for us to do is to just love and be charitable. Not even put energy into the election or candidates or political debates. We like to remain informed about what is happening, but our time, emotions and energy are far better spent being disciples and not political activists. It's what works for us.