crystal kittens

Sometimes in life you plan on making something magical, and it just doesn't work. And then sometimes, it really, really does. The twins turned seven last Friday, and they had the best birthday. Everyday for months and months (and months), they have been obsessed with crystal kittens. Rightfully so, because they are awesome. Also rightfully so, they are expensive, because each is a hand-painted work of art. At the beginning I dismissed the possibility of buying them for the girls out of hand, thinking the obsession would die out of natural causes. Uncharacteristically the obsession did NOT die, and in fact ballooned into an entire imaginary world the children inhabited at some point every day, and even extended an invitation to several of their school friends.
So after some deliberation, scrimping and jostling the budget, we decided we should give them crystal kittens for their birthday. Because in just a handful of years we will be spending the same amount of money on car insurance for them, and that is a whole lot less gratifying and fun to buy. And can I add, I haven't regretted it for a moment? Here is a sampling of their reactions:
There are so few chances on earth to give someone you love something they really really want, and it was such a joy. I think in the last five days Josephine has let her crystal kitten out of her hand only to take a shower. She has fallen asleep holding it every night. It has been, well, magical.

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