My goodness....

.....I haven't written in a long time. Since this is the only place I write about what goes on with my kids, it's such a shame. But the reason could not make me happier - there is a good chance I'll get to teach Art History at BYU! Just one class - I couldn't keep this household running and everyone healthy and do more. But I will oh-so gladly take teaching one class. In every single spare minute of my day, I've been reading and writing Art History. It feels amazing. I'm gratefully surprised I haven't lost more information in my brain in the last 7 years. Sometimes I was afraid I've had to learn and store so much medical information about Eloise it would crowd out the art.
Speaking of Eloise, that little lady turns 3 in a month. People act so surprised, because I think in their mind she's this tiny sick NICU baby forever. But I have so lived and felt every single day of those three years. There are many mornings I wake up and am glad we are all alive!
I also have another European adventure on the horizon, with my fabulous dad. Its too far out to start counting down the days, but I am so thrilled.
Hazel starts kindergarten in August, and the twins start their French program (!). All good things. We are enjoying the summer in the meantime.

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  1. Shelley, what fantastic news! I'm thrilled that it looks like you will be getting back into the classroom. Your future students will be lucky beneficiaries of your enthusiasm, knowledge, and wit!