closer....baby steps...

Thank you for your prayers and support! I was especially touched by Em's sweet post. I think it's working. One of the lactation specialists had a genius idea to thicken the milk we're giving Josephine and giving it to her in a bottle. Last night she took 27 milliliters, and this morning 34! Wow! Go Jo! We're hoping she takes well to the bottle, and we'll try breastfeeding again in a week. But if she does well enough with a bottle, she won't need to stay in the hospital much longer! It just means more effort (pumping) and time but it's so worth it. I'm 100% dedicated to breastfeeding both girls (TMI for a blog? maybe?) so it means the hated pump will be my companion for at least another three months...mleh.
Amelia will probably be home next Sunday or Monday, and if Josephine takes off, maybe she'll be home then too. I am more than thrilled!! Nothing on earth will make me happier than having my girls home at last! I really felt like this stage would never end, and I'd never get both daughters home.

Here are some pictures from a day ago.




  1. Go Jo! And Millie! I am so happy for you guys! We will keep All of you in our prayers and expecially Jo's needs!

  2. I so glad to hear things went better today! You have very beautiful girls.

  3. Yay this is great news. :) I hope and pray for you guys that Jo can come home with Millie!

  4. Hey, I've been kind of out of the blog world for a bit and I'm not sure if I've even told you congratulations on here. So, just in case, congratulations! Your babies look adorable.