lucky me

Being a new mother of twins, I spend about 75% of my days sitting, with both hands fully occupied, but my mind left awandering. I've begun venturing into the world of podcasts, and thought I'd remark on those I've started exploring.
  • Medieval Texts - short pieces on important medieval texts.
  • The Tolkien Professor - like taking a literature class on Tolkien. He's a good lecturer, and I give it thumbs up!
  • For anyone else who makes Fiona Richie a weekly ritual - Thistlepod is a good listen.
  • I did take four semesters of Welsh, probably my favorite classes I ever took at BYU, from an unforgettable professor who I felt comfortable addressing by first name from the very first. Anyway, for anyone wanting to delve into a Celtic language or brush up on your Welsh, Learn Welsh is the podcast for you!
The days slip slide away. I'm enjoying these two little girls to the fullest. Josephine is a stubborn cuss. And so smart - there's no tricking her into breastfeeding. When regailing the all-night battle with Miss Jo, my mom responded with a smirk, "Let's see - dark hair, long legs, strong-willed, stubborn, drama queen...Hmm, who does that remind me of...?" So, yes, I suppose we are very well suited for each other.
Amelia is a darling - all eyes! She has these huge peepers, and loves to look around at the world around her. She's a major cuddle bug too. I'm eating up the girls at this tiny stage when all they want is to eat, sleep and cuddle. I love being their entire world, and being able to pour all my energies into them. I know someday they will want to be completely indepedent of their mother, I'll someday they'll ask me to drop them off a block before the high school so they won't have to endure others seeing their crazy mom, but right now they absolutely need me and I love it.

Trevor has to be the best husband ever made. Sorry to be so mushy - but man, lucky me! Changes diapers, makes bottles, feeds the girls, helps with dishes and laundry, and still thinks I'm beautiful even now when I still have to wear my lumpy maternity clothes and wear my hair in a braid. He's wonderful. Don't want him to go back to school...

We aren't allowed to bring the girls out in public till April practically, and can't have them around little kids or bring them to church till then. Immune systems missed some vital growth in those weeks they missed in-utero. But we're allowed to take them on walks, up the canyon or to an unpopulated park, which we have to do to keep our sanity. So Trev and I have been making trips to the Hobble Creek Park to play with these super cool toys, and let the girls experience the great outdoors. Our last excursion:


  1. I love those pictures from the park! I can't believe how long you have to keep the girls from the public, that must be hard. I really like the new look of your blog, very light and airy.

    I hope your recovery is going well! Beautiful family.

  2. i love your posts, Shelley. Keep them coming. it's like having a conversation with one of the smartest, nicest women I know.

  3. Congratulations on your new family members.
    Thanks for the djubi recommendation. We love to hear from our djubi fans.