adundance of baby = lack of sleep

My mom gave us a bumper sticker that reads "Live on the Wild Side...Have Twins!" Wild side, indeed. Trev and I have both had our turns at being frustrated with these girls, which usually occurs around 7 AM after several sleepless hours. It's okay, right? To lose patience when you know the little one is not hungry, has a clean nappie, and isn't cholic-y? And then, of course, as soon as we get at least two hours of sleep we look at the little dears and wonder how on earth anyone could be irritable with such adorable babies.

They are pretty darn cute. I see why Heavenly Father saw fit to typically send one at a time, however. Josephine is getting better at eating, bless her heart. Makes a H-U-G-E difference for my level of happiness, as does the fact that my sister made me zucchini bread as token of apology for leaving me this week for the happiest place on earth.

Considering where we could be at this point, Trev and I are faring remarkably well. We've had a lot of help from my mom and sister for which I am eternally grateful. They will march downstairs about twice or three times a day and help us out. But no one seems to want to change the nappies - imagine that :).

Here's a picture from tummy time today. They often spend time just looking at each other in the few hours they are awake during the day. I wonder if they're already communicating in a way I can't understand.


  1. Yeah, people keep pointing out to me that the cuteness? It's a survival mechanism. There's no way they'd survive without being able to charm their parents into loving them despite the terror they put us through.

  2. In response to Em's comment... that's what we'd say to Oliver when he was a roudy 2-3 year old. "It's a darn good thing you're cute!"
    Things will probably get easier... and then they'll learn how to walk and chaos will start up again. ;-)