small things

I used to have a lot of time to blog. I would do it single-handedly whilst my babies ate, which took forty five minutes (each). But now they take about ten minutes, which is great, but also means no time to blog. My life has been marked by small changes. The babies can grab things and put them in their mouths. They can almost sit up by themselves. They only wake up once a night now. A successful day consists of three things: three baby food feedings, tummy time and reading time. If I do those three things with Jo and Millie, my day is successful. And somehow it feels like that's all I can do. I am making all the baby food, an activity I really enjoy, and sometimes *sometimes* have time to sew.

Boy I wish I had something more interesting to write. Amelia is crying for some attention from the bed, so away I fly. Hopefully I'll write soon.


  1. I love checking in with you. It makes me happy to think about your new life.

    Love you, lots, Shelley.

  2. Thanks for taking a moment for us. I bet there's nothing more interesting in the world to THEM, and they matter most anyway.