the great indoors

It turns out there could be a number of things going on with this pregnancy, all of which have the same remedy: stay off my feet. At least the weather is conducive to hibernation, and its probably okay to keep the twins inside too to keep them from getting sick - we've been sick pretty much constantly for a month. I'm just trying to think of new things to do with the twins everyday inside. I've been pretty creative, but its hard not to spend a lot of money providing them with new distractions. They've been angels the last few days, happy to play with their toys and read books with me.

I also just finished a film called "J'Accuse" about Rembrandt's painting The Nightwatch, and am dying to talk about it with someone.  I thought it was an interesting film with intriguing ideas about the painting, but I wanted footnotes. I felt like they sacrificed scholarly soundness for creative direction, which for wasn't okay for me. I kept saying out loud, "Where did they get that from?!" However some of the points were completely fascinating and I enjoyed the art historical challenge it provided. It nourished my inner art historian, which has been sadly neglected as of late. 

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  1. I cannot help much, but I did just add the film to my queue!