we apologize for this abruption

My doctor thinks I've had a placenta abruption, which means my placenta has separated to a tiny degree from the uterine wall. There is nothing I can do about it, except strict bedrest so the placenta doesn't detach completely and endanger the baby, and make me deliver way early. I wasn't too worried about this until I started reading about it, and my dad told me that he's known women who have died from this. Put that under the "Not an Advantage" list of having a doctor dad.
Bedrest sounds nice, right? Mmm...its awful. How am I supposed to do this? I reminded my doctor of the twin 18-month-old girls who rely on my entirely for everything. Its a difficult balance. Jo and Millie want me to do everything, and Hazel needs me to do nothing. I am grateful we haven't moved yet, so my mom can help...
I am scared for Hazel, and am terrified of having another baby in the NICU, especially this early. Speaking of twins needing everything of me, its time to tuck them in. Prayers would be highly welcome at this point, and visitors, and some toddler playtime.


  1. Oh no! What horrible news. I wish I was closer - I'm sure Sam would love to play with the girls. I'll be sending thoughts and love your way. Good luck with the next few weeks and months...

  2. I can't really imagine how a visit from us would be helpful, but I'd be happy to attempt it if you'd like. Would Monday or Tuesday work for you? Renn is off those days and could tag along to prevent irreparable damage. Email me.