little pink plastic shopping carts

We bought the girls a little pink plastic shopping cart at Target yesterday. I've never seen Josephine love a toy so much, except for her Pooh bear. She pushed her little cart alongside my big one, which made passerbys smile. At home she takes with her everywhere, pulling out the pretend groceries and putting them back in. The problem is she thinks its entirely hers, all the time. When Millie wants to play with it, Jo has this special scream that comes from the pit of her stomach and makes her limbs shake. Then she falls to the ground weeping. Millie, of course, wants to play with it too, and doesn't like sharing. We've not had this problem before. Usually I can distract one or the other with another toy. But not with this one. I had to hide it in the bedroom today to avoid problems.
So what do I do? Buy another one for Millie? They're only $11.49. I really don't like the idea of them getting used to have one of each toy. They have to share.  But then my mom pointed out how much fun they'd have if they both had one (think bumper shopping carts, races, etc.). I bought it originally with the idea that it might give me some sewing time, but instead I have to sit and regulate it.

Anyway. On the cradle front, eBay yet again provided a solution. I got the exact cradle I wanted for $80 cheaper than buying it new. Yeehah.

Being pregnant with one baby is entirely different for me than two. It is decidedly less painful, less nauseating, less less less. But I still feel like a hormonal teenager, like my emotions are ruling me rather than me being in control. I. HATE. this. Most the time I feel like I'm barely holding it together, and if I have to deal with any additional stress it might send me over. Plus, tell me how this makes sense, with this baby I have been getting migraines. Never had those before in my life. But a week ago it was almost too much for me to function. I never had a single headache with the twins. Why would that be? So weird.

I've been casually watching the housing market around here. I saw one in Mapleton built in 1890 with an entire acre attached to it. My mind's eye was filled with visions of an ivy-covered house, a garden, and a great huge yard for my children to wander. Maybe goats or chickens someday, but definitely some wildness and open space. Margy, mom, Jo, Millie and I went to go see the house. It was not what I had hoped. The house was, mmm, in need of some serious love (and some serious cash). An acre is A LOT bigger than I had imagined. It was definitely not for us. I can have a garden and goats with less space, and a cleaner house. I don't think we're in a position to buy a house anyway, but I just had to satisfy my curiosity so I never had to wonder if our perfect place passed us by. It didn't.

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  1. As a twin- this situation happened a LOT (still kind of does actually!! LOL). My parents insisted that we share all our toys except they did give us each our own baby doll cradle.* For Christmas, we always got toys that cordinated, like I would get Barbie and Lesley would get Midge or Skipper(how 80s/90s is that?!!).
    In this case, it would be adorable to see them both with their own shopping cart, but then you are kind of setting yourself up for buying 2 of every toy until they are 10.

    *you might not want to do exactly what my parents did- they took the sharing to a whole new level when they gave us 1 cell phone to share for our 16th birthday. :)